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Slot Machines - Introduction to Game

Slot Games

One of the youngest and the most playable casino games are slot machines. The world saw the first slot machine about 120 years ago when Charles Fey invented the mechanism in the USA. The machine gained the popularity very quickly and slots became to appear almost in every entertaining establishment. It is the game of pure chance: there are no special slot rules or difficult strategies, like blackjack or roulette.

Goal of the Game

The aim of slot games is to get the winning combination of slot symbols on the pay-line. It is one of the main slot rules. Possible winning combinations and their rewards are listed on the pay table.

How to Play

The process of the game is quite simple. You choose the slot, you'd like to gamble at, insert the coins and push a button or pull a lever to activate the reels. After the reels stop, the combination is shown. In case of winning the lights start flashing and the cheerful sounds play.

The payout percentage can be influenced neither the player nor the casino. It is programmed at the factory, where the slot is manufactured with using the RNG or Random Number Generator. This mechanism can be found in slots at both land-based and online casinos. Its main function is to produce randomly the combinations every moment. The only way to increase your playing potential is to make the right choice of a slot machine.

Slot Machine Variations

Modern technology gave the push for development of slot machines and today the players have a really wide choice. If you are hunting for a jackpot, the best slot is a progressive machine. Progressive slots are linked and share the same jackpot. So, with every spin it is growing until a winner comes.

Another type of slots is a multi-line slot that has from 9 to 25 pay-lines, while the classic slots have from 1 to 3 pay-lines. It is notable that you can get the highest reward only in the case you have made the maximum bet.

One more slot type that attracts the attention of slot funs is bonus machines. There are several kinds of bonus slot machines that have different functions. Bonus slot machines give you additional bonuses, when a certain combination hits or scatter symbols appear. As bonuses there can be free spins, extra money, a game within the main game.

Remember that the golden slots rule is to get as much fun from the game as possible.