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History Of Blackjack: How Game Developed

History Of Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the games, history of which cannot be unclosed truly, as so much time has passed away from the moment this game appeared. Though it is almost impossible to define when exactly first games that resemble blackjack appeared, historians still try to uncover at least something that can give a total overview of the way this game developed.

First Mention

Blackjack was mentioned for the first time in famous novel Don Quixote written by Miguel de Cervantes. It gave a huge push to believe that this game appeared in Spain, although there is not historic confirmation of that. In the novel this game was called Veintiuna, which actually means 21 from Spanish. The rules of that game were similar to the rules of blackjack game that we know today.

Spain or France

There are debates which of the countries was the one where blackjack appeared. Some are sure that is was France with its Vingt-et-un game, while other support the idea that it was Spain. As the first mentioning of the game belongs to the Spanish culture (16th century), it could be said that Spain is the place where blackjack game appeared, as Vingt-et-un was mentioned for the first time in 17th century only. Most of game researchers are sure that this game appeared in Europe, and probably that is true.

Growth of Popularity

When the first casinos appeared, blackjack became one of the games that have been introduced for gambling there. It quickly gained popularity among the players, and at the end of 18th century this game has been played as frequently as roulette.

When this game appeared in American casinos, the success it gained had been stunning. Lots of game variations started to appear and very soon blackjack became the game which all Americans played.

At the middle of 20th century the number of blackjack played was huge, and each of them tried to win this game in many ways. Players started to count cards to have an idea of the cards that dealer could give them if they hit. These strategies gained a name card counting, and till now they are known as the best working means to beat dealer at casinos.

With the appearance of online casinos the situation with blackjack popularity has not changed. The only change that really occurred was place of playing this game. At the beginning of 90ies players preferred to play at land based casinos, but at early 00s the greater part of gamblers played online.

Today the popularity of blackjack game continues to grow. More and more players prefer this game to any other types of gambling activity. Hopefully it won’t lose its popularity and we can enjoy it forever!