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What is Gambling Addiction? Myths and Facts

About Problem Gamblers

The whole world is addicted to something today, and among those addictions you can find gambling. According to psychologists, gambling addictions come close to drug and alcohol addiction, and number of addicted gamblers permanently rises. You can meet thousands of players who are addicted to gambling and have lots of problems with their families and relatives. Fortunately, the number of players who do not have gambling addiction is bigger. In this article we will discover the most common myths concerning this problem and help you understand whether you have gambling addiction or not.

Frequency of gambling

A lot of people think that if player plays each day, it means he is addicted to gambling. This saying has nothing common with truth. There are lots of players who have fun in this way and play slots online each day, and it can be compared to watching movies or swimming. At the same time there are players who play once in a while, but they need psychological help to stop gambling and take the control of their lives back.

There is no gambling addiction, there is only irresponsibility

It have been proved by many researches that gambling addiction is a psychological disorder which means that sometimes it can be cured with the help of specialists only. Irresponsibility has nothing common with gambling addiction.

Children cannot get addicted to gambling

If you permit your children playinternet blackjack, it is a huge mistake. Children are predisposed to gambling more than adult players, that is why you should be very careful.

Addicted players do not care what they play

The truth is that most of the addicted players have their favorite games to play. That is why they do not gamble just to place bets, they really choose the game they want to play.

Financial problems can stop players from gambling

The more addicted players lose, the more they want to get their money back. That is why they start to borrow money.

You cannot get addicted playing online

Most of the online casinos visitors admit, that easy access to the games make them play more and spend more. When gambling becomes so integral part of the player’s life, it can lead to unpredictable results.

It is easy to determine gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is one of the problems that is covered. You cannot look at the person and say whether or not he has an addiction.