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Payout Percentage - Where to Find the Highest?

Payout Percentage

The popularity of online casinos comes due to their flexibility in what time, place and comfort are concerned. Not to mention all the features that come as extra benefits in order to transform the game into an unforgettable, unique experience.

When choosing the most profitable casino online, every player considers the proportion of the cash out. The closer to one hundred percent - the higher the profit will be and the chance to revisit the site. There is no player who would say no to a site which, at the end, offers back the input sum almost intact.

Casinos with the Highest Payouts

  • Magic Box is the first in offering ninety seven point thirteen percent cash out. It not only deposits your money in various forms, but also offers a wide palette of games like roulette, classic table games, hot slots and cards. You can contact them anytime via mail, fax and phone.
  • Another great casino is Casino King. Its payout rate has increased to 96.72 %. You can find here download versions of your favorite games, or even better, flash formats every time you have internet connection. Among the numerous games offered by King Casino, you will find the well-known slots, video version of poker, arcades, table games, etc. There are also rather good jackpots which any of the casino visitors may get with playing progressive games. It is an incredible accomplishment for an online casino but also true and promising.
  • If you are looking for a Swiss experience, Online S Casino is the one offering cash out of ninety six point sixty two percent. Cards, TV games, slots are just a few of the many games you can play online. Only a minimum sum deposited here, can grant you a four hundred dollar bonus when registering. There are also different possibilities to deposit your money and a nonstop customer service to answer any question you might have. The casino is very tempting due to its promotions and progressive jackpots with big rewards.
  • Even if at the end of this list, 50 Stars Casino is under no circumstances the last great casino, from the point of view of the payout. Its percentage is ninety six point thirty four. While you can find all the games mentioned at other big casinos, you will certainly appreciate its bonus. If you choose to play here you will be welcomed with a start of two thousand pounds. Great, isn't it? And the game goes on!