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Certifications and Licensing Issues

Secure Online Casinos

The issue of casino certification and licensing is very hot today as the number of gambling places is huge but not all of the can provide players with really trusty services. Fortunately, there are some commissions that check gambling house and can rate the services they provide.

With the growing number of online casinos, the necessity of protection players appeared not so long ago, but it is quite strong now.


All the casinos that are running online should get a certain license that proves that casinos have really safe program software and are not intended to scam the visitors. The casino license will also prove that the place where you are playing has a certain jurisdiction responsibility. Most of the gambling houses prefer to have a license of the following countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Costa Rica, Dominica, Curacao and Vanuatu, etc.


Probably the most popular and the most safe approval mark of online casinos is eGogra sign. Being of the most famous and most trustworthy gambling commissions, it tests not only casinos themselves, but also software providers, RNG systems, payment methods, live dealers, and casino affiliates. Offering 6 types of possible approvals, it has proved by itself to be a reliable source of testing casinos.

At the official site of eEGOGRA you will find the full list of gambling houses that have Safe and Fair Approval, list of software providers who offer their games to online casinos, Randomness Reviews that will help you to make sure that the place where you play has really random outcomes, list of Affiliate Trust programs, and also list of live dealer studios that have the certificate.

Influence on Gambling

Many players may ask a question how the certification issue can really influence gambling. The answer is quite simple, as the chances that you meet casino that has a certification an offers bad services are much lower than chances to meet casino with no certification and bad services. Besides, casinos with certificates are always ready to confirm their quality.

Playing at casinos of such type you can be sure that all slot machine tips and roulette strategies really work, and you win, not only lose the money. Moreover, certified casinos always take care of players’ money account and have scripts of all money transactions, so you can also find out what happened with your money.