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Card Counting Guide for Blackjack Game

Card Counting Guide

Blackjack game is a rather young one in comparison with poker and baccarat. It originated in France in the 17-th century. The main aim of the game is to get 21 points without exceeding this amount, but some game variations allow gamblers to take only 5 additional cards to achieve the desired score. At some casinos it is prohibited to touch the cards. Although the game rules are quite easy, it took blackjack a lot of time to gain its popularity.
Nowadays the blackjack is the essential part of the gambling industry and one can hardly imagine the casino without blackjack table. To win the game and beat the house gamblers use different betting systems, techniques and believe in superstitions, but the most effective of them is 21 card counting method.

Blackjack Card Counting

Very often card counting technique is considered to be the blackjack basic strategy extension. Using of it doesn't require special knowledge, perfect memorizing and math skills. Many people know that the first counting methods were invented and published by mathematicians and think they are too difficult to understand and use. But almost all of them are really easy and effective.

21 Card Counting: Cheating or Fair Play?

The most common mistake of the blackjack gamblers is their consideration that card counting is one of the gamblers' cheating methods. It is not true. Counting cards is a simple usage of available information about the game and its winning strategy.
The technique is legal, but the casinos are private gambling establishments and they can throw the cheaters off or ban them at all. If you use any of the card counting techniques, you should be very attentive and careful.

The Best Card Counting Strategy

This method is based on simple adding and subtracting of 1 point. Cards values:

  • 2s-6s - are counted as +1
  • 10s-Aces - are counted as -1
  • 7s, 8s, 9s - are counted as 0.

The score starts with 0 points. Than the blackjack cheater adds or subtracts the peculiar number and waits for the positive score. The higher is the count, the more it is convenient to the gambler. It means that the deck contains a big amount of 10-valued cards. They are very profitable for players, as can help to make the blackjack combination.